Story Telling in 5 Images- Ideas & Examples



This topic was chosen this year to build on the success of the 3 Image competition topic in 2019. With an additional 2 images, more than ever, it gives members the opportunity and challenge of, in effect, curating a mini exhibition on a topic of their own choosing. 


We normally are restricted to telling a story with only one image, but will it be easier with 5 images?  Superficially the answer is Yes, but in reality, it is likely to be more challenging because the viewer will be expecting so much more. They will be hoping for a deeper appreciation of what you are trying to portray or to be intrigued in the twists and turns in the short story that you are sharing with them. 


Let’s all have some fun with this topic and really make the judge sweat it out through some sleepless nights as they explore our little stories. 


Members can submit a maximum of 2 separate series of 5 images each. Just to be clear, that is 2 discrete stand-alone series of 5 images and not 1 combined series of 10 images. It will also be important that you sequentially number the 5 images in the order you want them viewed.


This is a very open ended topic, so other than our normal Overarching Rules, the only requirement is that you submit 5 images in each series (for example a series of only 4 images is not eligible).  There is however one modification to the Overarching Rules, being that only one of the images in the series can be an image that has previously been awarded in a club comp or a winner of a club trophy. Two or more images in a series cannot be previously awarded images. (only one)


Also if you entered images in last year’s “Series of 3 Images” comp, can we suggest that if your series wasn’t awarded you don’t just add a couple more images to it and resubmit it again this year. While you are not precluded from doing this, why not stretch yourself and go for something totally new. 

Submitting Members must enter:- at a minimum 5 related images in the DPI Competition

Images you prepare to be uploaded MUST BE already pre-named on your hard-drive using the following standard "Sequence Name [Sequence #Image Name". You must include the square brackets [ ] around the number

  • Party Time [1] Getting ready
  • Party Time [2] Getting wasted
  • Party Time [3Getting home
  • Party Time [4] Getting up
  • Party Time [5] Getting punished

Optionally also enter 1 DPI in the Open category but ONLY if you have entered a series of 5 related images in DPI.


Ideas and examples: 

·        Every day we are surrounded by series of images that tell stories. You have just got to pick up a travel magazine or a newspaper feature story or walk into a gallery exhibition to see a story told through a set of images. 

·        You could approach this topic to literally tell a story that has a start and an end. For example, a story of a street busker (not sure they exist now) such as this: Image 1 - the busker setting up, Image 2 – the busker gathering a crowd; Image 3 - the busker entertaining the crowd; Image 4 – a closeup of the busker and Image 5 – a little girl putting money in the busker’s hat.  Other similar “start and end” stories could involve preparing and then sitting down to a meal. 

·        Telling a story can also involve different perspectives of the subject. For example, telling a story about how beautiful a single flower is by shooting it from different perspectives. 

·        Another approach might be to use the series to show how different a room or a building might look in different lighting conditions during a day. 


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