Guidelines: The Image produced has a single colour (hue) in varying tones (intensities) of the same colour.


Capture Constraints -


Post Production Adjustments

Post Production Constraints


Key Components for winning Images

Mono = single

Chromo = colour


Monochrome Images submitted may be:

Grey scale (Black and White):

Images comprising tones of neutral grey ranging from black to white.


Monochromatic (Single Colour):

A single colour or hue with tonal variations i.e. cyanotypes, sepia


Only those constraints listed in the Overarching Rules apply

All available post production adjustments available in editing software.


Desaturation and conversion of colour images to Monochrome or Black and White (Grey Scale Monochrome)


Cyanotypes, Infrared images, either direct-captures or derivations



Only those constraints listed in the Overarching Rules apply

Monochrome images focus on story telling without the distraction of colours.


 Monochrome is best suited to images where you want to emphasise

 Graphical elements e.g. texture, shapes, leading lines, and patterns

Emotion and drama with full or limited tonal contrast from Black to White,

 Subjects with clear positive and negative space


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