Overview: The challenge of this month’s topic is to capture a building, structure or part of a structure that is man made. Traditionally, the aim of architectural photography is to accurately represent and communicate the architect’s vision by conveying the design and layout of the building, as well as how people interact within it. Some photographers use a less rigorous definition, preferring to photograph structures in a more abstract manner conveying the sculptural elements of a building or structure.

Find a building or structure (i.e. bridge) that you like and explore it from all angles. Think about time of day, light and shade, lens choice and vantage spots.

Be mindful of “key stoning” . This occurs when you shoot upwards creating the illusion that buildings are leaning in. Not many photographers have specialised tilt shift lenses that are designed to eliminate this effect but most post processing software, (even smart phones!), can minimise this effect . Alternatively try and keep your camera on a similar plane to what you are photographing.


Some Things to Consider:


·        Interior versus exterior views

·        A pulled back view to communicate the structure and its surrounds. (Tip: think about how the        architect has addressed the site and if it is in harmony with its surrounds)

·        A close up showing a significant or unique architectural detail

·        An image with people in it that conveys how they interact in the space (Tip: the space is still             the hero)

·        Tripod and long exposures

·        Lens choice, wide angle or zoom to truncate and flatten

·        Where does the light fall and when? Best time of day for the angle you want?

·        Importance of sky / weather in enhancing your image

·        All post-processing adjustments are allowed so consider lens correction and straightening              lines if the lines are meant to be straight.

The key is that once you find your topic is to mull over it, walk around it and work out what it is you want to capture.

Overarching Rules: As always, please make sure that your images comply with our overarching competition rules. Images that do not satisfy these rules are ineligible.









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