Overarching Rules for Monthly and End of Year Trophy Competition Entries        

These rules apply to all competition entries unless they are overridden by requirements or constraints specified for a particular Monthly Subject or competition. Refer any queries to Competition Stewards: competitions@camberwellcameraclub.org.au



Capture Constraints


Post Production Adjustments


Post Production Constraints


Submission Rules

Key Components for winning Images

Pixel Rule

Every pixel in the submitted digital or print image must be 100% photographic in origin, where each photographic element has been captured and edited personally by the submitting photographer


Images submitted can be:

- of any subject

- any combination of black and white or colour

-any capture that records light and creates an image. For example images recorded with a camera, mobile phone, photocopier, scanner,drone, film, tablet etc.

-created by alternative means e.g. cyanotypes, polaroids, infrared

-Any image captured in workshop conditions where the photographer was under the direction of an instructor or the lighting, subject or props were not wholly setup by the photographer

 -Plagiarising or exactly copying another photograph, painting or image, where a significant number of the key elements are the same (e.g. same -subject, location, pose, post-production, and composition)

 Photographing another person’s two-dimensional creative work as the primary subject. For example a photograph, painting, drawing, or tapestry etc., where > 95% of the image is someone else’s creative work.

For example, you cannot take a photo of an image in a gallery, and apply some filters, and then claim it is your original work.

All available post production adjustments available in editing software

Compositing elements from multiple captures

e.g. including HDR, focus stacking, stitched panoramas

 Special effects e.g. filters and 3rd party actions which include features such as borders and textures.

 All post-production must have been completed by the entrant.

 The entrant can be advised by a third party .

Compositing elements from third party imagery whereby it contributes pixels to the image.

 For example, stock photography, clip or click art and another photographers’ work, including skies, backgrounds or textures are not permissible

 Digital technologies cannot be used to create new elements in the image e.g. text and pixels inserted with 3D modelling software and colour fill layers.

Do not include any personal identification details other than your club number in the submitted image title or as a watermark on the image. Do not put your name on the back of your prints.


Mount on board directly or with a matte board and window cut for the image

 Write “TOP” on the back to show the correct orientation

Print Label from VP or write the Image and Competition Details as per the VP Label and stick on the back top LHS or Print the details

 Minimum size is 18 cm (7”) on its longest edge and 12.5 cm (5") on its shortest edge

 Maximum image size is 50cms (20”) on the longest edge

 The maximum mounted Image size is 40 x 50cm (16 x 20”) including canvas or matte board

Digitally submitted Image SPECIFICATIONS

Maximum file size is 10 mb

300 dpi

It is highly recommended to include Meta Data in the submitted JPEG


You must submit at least one Image in the Monthly 'Topic' Competition (DPI or Print) before you are eligible submit an image into the same Monthly OPEN competition.

If an Image has previously been submitted in a club competition and has never received a Judge’s Award, it can be re-submitted in other club competitions. Note: This does not apply to a Members’ Choice Award since it is not a ‘Judge’s award

If an Image has been previously submitted in a club Internal competition and has received a Judge’s Award, it can never be resubmitted in another Internal club competition. The only exception is if an image has received a Judge’s Award in a monthly competition; then it may be resubmitted in an End of Year Trophy Competition

An image may not be a variation of a current or previously submitted image that has received a judge’s award. A variation is an image that is barely distinguishable from the previously submitted award image.

Similarities that would make them difficult to distinguish include, same content, same capture angle, same lighting etc. Note, applying different post-production filters, changing colours, or different cropping do not make them different.

They would still be a ‘variation’, for example a colour image converted to black and white and resubmitted is a variation. You may not submit variations of the same image in the same Monthly competition or EOY Competition group.


If the image includes another CCC Member then you must have their permission to use the image, prior to submitting it.

The image must be suitable for general viewing by all age groups

Images with content that is sexually explicit, overtly violent and/or gender or racially discriminatory, are not acceptable

-Tells a story -Embodies emotion

-Generates impact

-Demonstrates creativity

-Good lighting --Good composition

-High Technical quality i.e appropriate or creative use of focus, exposure, depth of field


Overarching Rules for All Competitions v. 2.5 2020.docx                                      May 21 2020                ©Camberwell Camera Club


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