Overview: The exciting challenge of this month’s topic is to instil a sense of movement or motion in a photo and, as such, to be able to bring to your photo an element of the passing of time. There are no set rules as to how to best achieve this objective but there are plenty of possible options, some of which are note below. However, once you have become familiar with these techniques they can substantially enhance your ability to more creatively tell stories about things that move is the world around us.


Below are a few examines and ideas:

  • Using a slower shutter speed while tracking a moving subject. Racing cars, racehorses and runners are classic example but tracking a breaking wave from a side view can also be interesting.
  • Using a slower shutter speed while taking a photo from a moving car (not while being the driver please).
  • Put the camera on a tripod, using a slower shutter speed and photograph a moving subject to highlight this movement against a still background (children playing, people dancing and waterfalls are example).
  • Using a very slow shutter speed to capture the gentle movement of flowers in the wind next to a resident of a nursing home sleeping in a chair to highlight lack of movement of the person. 
  • Moving the camera while taking a photo of a stationary subject can add an element of abstraction that can be interesting. 
  • Using overlaying exposures of a scene that containing a moving element can produce stunning results in accentuating movement.


Overarching Rules: As always, it is essential that all images comply with the club’s overarching competition rules that can be accessed via this link [insert]. Images that do not satisfy these runs are ineligible.


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